Getting Involved in APAO

The strength and future of the APAO depends upon dedicated volunteers!
Please consider volunteering your time and talents to APAO projects, efforts, or committees! You can make a difference with APAO while building your network of contacts, strengthening your resume and qualifications, and helping to promote the oncology PA profession and ultimately improving patient care. 


Some opportunities include:

  • Serving on the APAO Board of Directors
  • Joining one of many APAO committees (see below)
  • Mentoring or teaching PA students  (check out  our Student Outreach Committee)

Would you please consider joining our APAO volunteer workforce?

The following committees represent some key initiatives in helping APAO expand our membership, increase our services, and reach our goals.

  1. Conference Planning: Responsible for all aspects of the planning and implementation of the APAO Annual Symposium including:
    1. Planning all educational and CME related content
    2. Identifying and securing speakers
    3. Moderating presentations
    4. Evaluating post-symposium surveys
  2. Awards and Scholarships: Responsible for promoting available awards and scholarships, reviewing completed applications/nominations, and selecting the annual award recipients.
    1. Lifetime Achievement Award: recognizes an exemplary PA serving in the field of oncology. 
    2. Academic Award: open to PAs in oncology who are pursuing an advanced degree or certificate program.
    3. Student Scholarship: open to PA students in their last year enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited program.
    4. Investigator Award: open to PAs in oncology who are lead authors on abstracts selected for presentation at a scientific meeting.
    5. Research Award: open to PAs in oncology who are interested in exploring novel research initiatives dedicated to contributing to, or developing, an improved understanding of the PA profession or cancer and related disorders.
  3. Communication:
    1. Website
    2. President’s Letter
    3. Social Media
    4. APAO Advisor
  4. Student Outreach: Tasked with developing increased resources and networking opportunities for PA students interested in the field of oncology.
  5. Community Oncology: Responsible for providing support, resources, advocacy, and education to community oncology PAs.
  6. Advocacy
  7. Education: Responsible for the development of new educational content and CME activities produced for APAO members.
  8. Membership: Responsible for monitoring all aspects of APAO membership, including recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.
  9. Corporate Alliance
  10. Nominating: The nominating committee shall:
    1. Annually evaluate the environment and identify any skills, capabilities, or other characteristics that will support a diverse and high-performing Board of Directors.
    2. Support communication and education efforts to inform all members of elected leadership opportunities and how to qualify for those positions.
    3. Identify and recruit qualified members to run for elected positions within APAO.
    4. Evaluate all candidates seeking nomination according to the qualification criteria.
    5. Inform candidates and voting members of criteria being considered for endorsement by the Nominating Committee.
    6. Endorse a single or multiple slate for candidates for each nominated position.

Other volunteer opportunities may include serving as an APAO liaison to other oncology groups. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the above committees, or even other areas not listed, please contact the APAO committee chair, or [email protected]


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We look forward to your participation and continued involvement with the APAO and thank you for sharing your talents!