Confirmed APAO Committees and Chairs

2023 Conference Planning

The Annual Symposium Planning Committee is responsible for all aspects of the planning and implementation of the APAO Annual Symposium including: planning all educational and CME related content, identifying and securing speakers, moderating presentations, and evaluating post-symposium surveys.

Jeremy Heinerich, PA-C



Lifetime Achievement Award

The APAO Lifetime Achievement Award Committee is responsible for promoting the Lifetime Achievement Award, reviewing completed nominations, and selecting the annual award recipient.

Colleen Tetzlaff, PA-C



The APAO Education Committee is responsible for the development of new educational content and CME activities produced for APAO members.

Matthew Waggoner, PA-C


Colleen Tetzlaff, PA-C



The APAO Membership Committee is responsible for monitoring all aspects of APAO membership including the recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.

Jennie Goble, PA-C


Social Media 

The APAO Social Media Committee is tasked with creating a comprehensive APAO social media strategy to increase visibility, membership, and traffic across all programs.


Student Scholarship

The APAO Student Scholarship Committee is responsible for promoting the Student Scholarship, reviewing completed applications, and presenting the Board of Directors with a group of finalists from which the winner(s) will be chosen.

Jessica Eno, PA-C



Student Outreach

The APAO Student Outreach Committee is tasked with developing increased resources and networking opportunities for PA students interested in the field of Oncology. 

Sarah Vitulli, PA-C


Community Oncology

The Community Oncology Committee provides support, resources, advocacy, and education to community oncology PAs.  

  • Breea Buckley, PA-C 
  • Kristen Robinson, PA-C


Academic Award

The APAO Academic Award Committee is responsible for promoting the Academic Award, reviewing completed applications, and selecting the annual award recipient.

Tiffany Marie Statler, PA-C



The Website Committee is responsible for reviewing the website on a monthly, and as needed basis, and updating content to ensure that the information is current, relevant, and a professional resource for members.

Theresa Rodgers