This activity has been reviewed by the AAPA Review Panel and is compliant with AAPA CME Criteria. This activity is designated for .75 AAPA Category 1 credits. PAs should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation. Approval is valid from 4/18/2022 to 9/30/2023. AAPA reference number: CME-206015.

CME Breakdown
Each podcast is worth .75



APAO is pleased to bring our members our first podcast, titled “How to get hired as an Oncology PA”.
In this first podcast, our moderator, Cory Williams, PA-C, talks with Richard Hanson, PA-C, Director of APPs at Utah Cancer Specialists, and Gabrielle Zecha, PA-C, Director of APPs, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/UW Medicine, and discusses all things pertinent to landing a job as an Oncology PA. They cover topics such as where and how to job search, CV and Cover Letter etiquette, the interview process and how to prepare for an interview, getting an offer, and the hiring process. Tune in to this first podcast for great tips and information!

Released on 8/23/21


In this podcast, our moderator, Matthew Waggoner, PA-C, chats with Theresa Elko, a PA-C in Adult Bone Marrow Transplant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Paige McVey, a PA-C at Advent Health Medical Group Blood and Marrow Transplant at Orlando, about CAR-T Cell Therapy. They discuss what CAR-T Cell Therapy is and how it works in the immune system, what disease states CAR-T is currently approved for, the process of CAR-T therapy, the patient selection process, patient and caregiver education, and the clinical benefits of CAR-T Cell Therapy.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the mechanism of action of CAR-T cell therapy and how it works in the immune system;
  • Describe current disease states for which CAR-T therapy is currently approved;
  • Describe the patient selection and referral process for patients to a CAR-T Center; and
  • Discuss the response rate and clinical benefits of CAR-T therapy in the disease states discussed.

Released on 6/9/22

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In APAO’s third podcast, Lauren Mayon (Moderator), Lara Salvador, and Whitney Throckmorton, all PAs from MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the presentation, work up/diagnosis/staging, and treatment options for Wilms Tumor.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Describe presentation and epidemiology of Wilms tumor.
  • Review staging guidelines of Wilms tumor, including local, nodal and metastatic disease.
  • Describe workup and how to diagnose Wilms tumor.
  • Describe surgical options for Wilms tumor.
  • Describe chemotherapy and radiation options for Wilms tumor.
  • Describe overall patient outcomes in Wilms tumor. 

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Released on 8/3/22



 In Episode 4, Moderator Alisha DeTroye PA-C chats with Katharine Pearsall, PA-C and Ann Schweppe, PA-C about the role of PAs in Pediatric Oncology.


  • Discuss the unique clinical roles that exist in pediatric oncology for PAs
  • Review professional development opportunities for PAs in pediatric oncology and the impact of mentoring
  • Discuss resilience strategies for work-life balance for oncology PAs

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Released on 8/26/22



In APAO’s 5th podcast, moderator Matthew Waggoner, PA-C sits down with Eric Tetzlaff, PA-C from Fox Chase Cancer Center to discuss the evaluation and management of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST).


  • Describe what imaging studies are needed to diagnosis GIST and how a pathologic diagnosis is confirmed.
  • Discuss the management options for GIST that is surgically respectable
  • Describe the treatment options for metastatic GIST.
  • Explain the nuances of managing TKI therapy for patients with GIST.

Released on 9/27/22

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In APAO’s 6th podcast, we sit down with Kelly Lovero, PA-C and Shanae Ivey, PA-C to discuss the evaluation and management of rectal cancer.


  • Describe the prevalence and screening recommendations for rectal cancer.
  • Review rectal cancer staging including local reginal and metastatic disease.
  • Describe the multidisciplinary and multimodality approach to management of rectal cancer.
  • Discuss surgical approaches to rectal cancer and associated complications.

Released on 12/01/22

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In APAO’s 1st episode of Series 2 , we sit down with Lindsey Lyle PA-C and Julie Huynh-Lu, PA-C to discuss the personalizing the approach to patients with Myelofibrosis.


  • Explain the key signaling pathways involved in the pathophysiology of myelofibrosis
  • Discuss heterogenous presentation as it relates to laboratory abnormalities
  • Describe common presenting symptoms and objective measures for monitoring
  • Discuss treatment plans and associated goals with patients

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In this episode of APAO Podcast we sit down with Jeanine Smith, PA-C to discuss "Hospice and Palliative Care for the Non-Hospice PA Provider," moderated by APAO President Tiffany Statler, PA-C.


  • Explain the difference between hospice and palliative care and why it is important for all physician assistants who see serious illness patient populations to understand.
  • Review guidelines for palliative and hospice care and explain how they differ.
  • Recommend ways specialty practice PAs can assist with palliative treatment goals and treatment preferences while allowing palliative care and hospice to be a continuum for those with serious illness.
  • Review oncology patient scenarios to consider when referring to a palliative or hospice outpatient programs.
  • Discuss what can be done when palliative and hospice programs are not available to the patient in their home setting.

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