Association of PAs in Oncology Mentorship Program

This program has been designed to engage students and PA’s in their first year of oncology careers to develop skills and guidance from an experienced APAO Mentor. Through this relationship, the program aims to set a foundation that allows growth and life-long learning in the mentee’s academic and professional careers.
The Mentor/Mentee should aim to communicate at least every 3 months or 4 times annually.
Each meeting’s agenda will be guided by the mentee’s needs.

As this is a new and growing program, our resources are limited and this opportunity is currently being offered on a first come basis. APAO is dedicated to help impact as many students and first year PA's as possible but in the event we cannot accommodate you, we ask for your patience as we hope to grow the program for next year!

DEADLINE FOR 2024: February 29, 2024. 

Meeting Dates:

Kick Off Meeting - Date TBD

Mentor/Mentee Meeting Outline
Meeting 1:
The first meeting should be used for the Mentee and Mentor to introduce themselves and set the goals of their relationship. It will be important to get a general sense of where the Mentee is in their career (First Year PA vs Student) and create a flexible relationship in which the program enhances their growth without becoming too rigid. This may include altering the frequency of meetings (more or less) or developing methods of communication (text/email/zoom). 
Meeting 2-3:
Suggestions of meeting topics:
  • Interviewing Skills
  • CV Development
  • Article Reviews in Topics of Interest
  • Educational Topics based on Mentee Needs/Specialty (Example of topics that could be explored: Neutropenic Fever, Sepsis, Nausea Management, Pain Management, Palliative Care/End of Life, Chemotherapy and Toxicity)
  • Managing stress and challenges in the workplace
Meeting 4:
The final meeting should be used to explore a professional or education topic as above. It should also be used to summarize previous meetings and discuss continuation of the relationship. Mentee should complete the Post Survey.