Top Ten Reasons to Join APAO

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1. Two Live Membership Meetings each Year

-All members are welcome to attend to network with colleagues & discuss matters of concern to PAs in oncology at the AAPA & APAO Annual Meetings.

2. APAO Newsletter, Updates and Website

-Contains news, updates and clinical information for PAs in oncology via web, e-mail and print.

3. Job Postings

-PA positions specifically related to Oncology, Hematology & Radiation Therapy.

4. Take a More Active Role in your Career

-Meet colleagues with similar interests & get involved with various committees such as Education, Scholarship, Membership, Newsletter or Conferences. Broaden your knowledge of oncology & enhance your resume.

5. Networking with Colleagues

-Meet practitioners from all over the country and exchange oncology information or make contacts for potential employment.

6. CME meeting

-The Annual Oncology Symposium for Healthcare Providers presented by APAO is designed specifically for the mid-level practitioner in the areas of Oncology, Hematology & Radiation Therapy. Save with member discounts.

7. PA Student Scholarship

-Annual scholarship(s) awarded to PA students entering the field of oncology.

8. House of Delegates Representation at AAPA

-Voting members are capable of providing input to the relevant to matter of concern to the APAO at the HOD.

9. Liaison with National Organizations

-The APAO maintains relationships with ASCO, including discounted ASCO membership for APAO members, a PA blog, PA liaison and upcoming joint symposia.

10. PA-C join for only $40.00/year - a true value at twice the price!


Additional Membership Benefits

Join APAO now and ASCO will waive the $35 application fee for the membership category for APPs.  

Benefits include free online & print access to JOP, deeply discounted access to print or online versions of JCO, and educational products including EHR resources and Practical Tips.

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Members will receive free patient education material through Health Monitor Network.

Dues are only $40/year for PA-C.

PA Students receive complimentary membership during their two-year accredited PA program or unaccredited PA program recognized by the AAPA.  *Please select the "Student" member type and enter discount code STUDENT on the online form.  The expiration date will be adjusted based on your verified status and graduation date once your application has been received. 

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Your continued support of APAO makes these resources possible to enhance your career!