Congratulations to Carly King, Brian Lasonde, and Emily O'Day APAO 2019 Student Scholarship Winners!

Carly King

Carly King desires to be a PA that bridges the divide between biomedical research developments and bedside caregiving and has been fortunate to find a supportive research and clinical community at Stanford University, where she is a third year PA student. Carly hails from Eugene, Oregon and has spent her adult life in all three states that span the west coast. She graduated from Seattle University in 2012, and completed a Master’s in bioinformatics at University of Oregon the following year. She worked in an oncology lab at Oregon Health Science University where she analyzed Next-Generation Sequencing data to identify novel therapeutic regimens in breast and prostate cancer. From there, she moved to San Francisco and continued her work at a start-up company developing early detection diagnostic technology, research borne out of the OHSU lab.

The most rewarding part of her research was interacting with the patients and families that were part of it. This sentiment led her to pursue a career as a PA, and she has enjoyed every challenging moment of PA school thus far. Her hope is to unite her research experience in genomics and oncology with her personal interest in providing quality, data-informed care for patients of all ages.

Brian Lasonde

Brian Lasonde started his journey to becoming a PA at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he worked as a CRC shortly after graduating from the College of the Holy Cross. Within the DFCI GYN Oncology Program, he developed a passion for serving patients living with cancer as well being their advocate within the complicated clinical trial process. During this time, he was responsible for coordination of PARP and PI3Kinase inhibitor studies including one supported by SU2C. Brian later gave life in Mountain Time a try in Denver, Colorado working at the University of Colorado Cancer Center as a CRC within the Head and Neck Oncology Program. At CU, Brian worked closely with APPs, and became determined to be PA in order to provide care at the clinician level.

As a PA student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, Brian became involved with the Crimson Care Collaborative family medicine clinics. Inspired by his experience in clinical research, he helped develop new tools for clinical operations and provide a framework for future research initiatives. He completed an elective rotation at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he had the opportunity to experience oncology PA practice in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings, and his desire to continue working within the oncology discipline was solidified.

Brian recently graduated from MGH Institute of Health Professions and is exploring career opportunities within oncology. He is looking forward to a career where he can forge therapeutic patient relationships and contribute to research initiatives which improve the patient experience and lead to optimal care.

Emily O'Day

Emily is a member of the Class of 2019 at the Boston University PA Program. Her journey in the field of oncology began prior to PA school when she worked in clinical research at the University of Chicago Medical Center. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, she joined the Department of Hematology/Oncology as a clinical research assistant in gastrointestinal oncology. In this role, she managed a large tissue- and blood-banking study and assisted the clinical team by educating and consenting patients for next-generation sequencing. It was during this time that she saw what a profound impact, both medically and emotionally, the healthcare team could have on cancer patients and their families. From there, she switched positions and became a clinical research coordinator in order to play a more active role in patient care. As a research coordinator, Emily touched all elements of the clinical trial process and gained meaningful experiences in clinical interactions.

Throughout PA school, Emily has continued to be drawn towards oncology in her rotations. After spending a month at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, she knew that this was the field she wanted to work in. She is looking forward to beginning her career as an oncology PA, where she hopes to not only provide exceptional medical care, but also to establish long-term connections and instill trust in all her patients.



APAO Student Scholarship

Scholarship Information

  • A $2,500 scholarship will be awarded 
  • Due to COVID-19 and the inability to hold an in person conference, this year's recipient will not receive the award in person   
Eligibility Criteria
  • AAPA member (or applicant)
  • PA student in their last year enrolled in a ARC‐PA‐accredited program
  • Clinical phase (completed basic science courses or near completion). 
  • Applicant has not previously received a PA foundation or other specialty organization scholarship
  • Applicant has a strong interest in pursuing a career in the oncology field
  • A clinical rotation in an oncology specialty is strongly encouraged but not required
  • Applicant must not graduate before May, 2020
  • Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. If your program does not provide a numerical GPA (i.e. PASS/FAIL), the program director/designee must provide an explanation of the grading system.

Instructions‐ Please Read Carefully

  • Electronic Application is preferred
  • All Information should be typed
  • Brevity is encouraged, but additional sheets may be included if needed to fully respond to questions.
  • Additional unsolicited information that does not pertain directly to the questions in the application will not be forwarded to the selection committee.
  • The application package must include
    • One copy of the application form
    • Two personal statements (500 words or less)
    • One copy of an official or signed unofficial transcript from the PA Program
    • One copy of the Program Director/Designee Reference Form
    • One Letter of Reference from a Healthcare Professional who can attest to the applicant’s interest in oncology
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR 2020:  June 26, 2020

Methods for Submission

  • Apply Online
  • Email application to: [email protected]
  • *** Note that the Program Director/Designee Form is submitted separately from the student application. Please follow up with your Director/Designee to ensure that your scholarship application is complete. Program directors must complete the following component of the applications: PA Director Reference Form
  • For questions/additional information, please contact Jessica Eno, PA-C at [email protected] 

The APAO offers free membership to all students.  Scholarship applicants will automatically be registered as an APAO Student Member at no charge.


Due to COVID-19 and the inability to hold an in person conference this year